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YEARBOOK (Formal) HEADSHOT -- LDHS Class of 2023 - $25 - scheduling starts May 31, 2022
-- REQUIRED CLOTHING:  shirt/tie/jacket  -- dress/blouse/sweater 
-- summer sessions at the studio are scheduled here - see Book Appointment on menu bar
-- 4 images to view, choose and order via personal online gallery -- Photo Packages & HighRes digitals available online  

SUPREME Session -- $159.00 session fee 
Minimum order $599 -- $300 Order Deposit due at session  (see Class of 2023 Pricing below)
-- 90 minutes+ - entire session takes place on location (within 5 miles) OR a combo of in-studio & outside (including our garden, adjacent properties & town/school locations) 
-- any number of outfits -- up to 6 outfits works best  
-- A pet, sibling(s) or vehicle included.  Add a 15 min. family session for $25.
-- 55+ images to choose from - personal online viewing site 

CLASSIC Session -- $79.50 session fee
Minimum order $414 -- $200 Order Deposit due at session  (see Class of 2023 Pricing below)
-- 45 minutes - includes inside studio & outside posing at studio & our properties
-- 3 outfits 
-- props included (pet OR sibling) -- Vehicle or 15 min. Family Session = add $25
-- 35+ images to choose from - personal online viewing site 

ADD LOCATION to Classic session only ($35 & up) -- 30+ mins: price depends on where we go -- local athletic field, stream, urban setting (Hummelstown or other), a farm field, barn, or custom location (consultation required).  Custom locations beyond a 5 mile radius of the studio will be priced higher.  Adding a location raises your minimum order to $500.

MINI Session -- $31.80 session fee - LIMITED # OF SESSIONS AVAILABLE! 
Minimum order $159 -- $249 if outfit added -- $50 Order Deposit due at session
-- Special pricing/packages apply ONLY for this session (Mini Pricing pdf.)  
-- 15 minutes - includes inside studio posing only (unless you add an outfit-see below) 
-- 1 outfit -- if yearbook formal being taken (for LD and schools that allow), wear appropriate attire  
-- add an outfit for $25 -- adds 15 mins., add'l poses outside (weather permitting)
-- 10+ images to choose from - personal online viewing site
-- NO vehicles or location may be added to Mini session - pet allowed with add-on outfit 

Price includes session and your choice of package -- EITHER 4 HighRes digitals (to make your own prints) OR an 11x14 framed multi or single image print, 4 5x7s and 8 wallets.  Additions, upgrades, substitutions available.  (Fall Mini Special Info-Girls pdf)  (Fall Mini Special-Boys pdf)

--$50 Order Deposit due in advance to hold session time
-- 2 outfits -- a layer may also be added (jacket, sweater, scarf, etc.)
-- Photos taken EITHER at studio or location (photographer's choice if subject wants to take advantage of fall foliage)
-- 30 minute session
-- yearbook formal NOT part of session (LD students should have had formal taken at studio over the summer or at LDHS on 9/19/22)
-- 20+ images to choose from - personal online viewing site

For Class and Supreme Sessions, click on pricing .pdf below:

Class of 2023 Pricing



Special Event Sessions:  (Mini Family, Fall Family, Holiday set) Specific pricing depending on the special.  See Special Events on our home page for info and pricing pdfs.

Newborn/Infant Newborn Pricing pdf     Newborn = 1-12 days old -- if child is older than 12 days, "newborn" props and clothing cannot always be utilized and posing is more difficult.   However, we do have props appropriate for babies who are older than two weeks.

Custom Family Session:  $35  tax -- 30 mins., 1 outfit, 8 adults max. inside (posed together) but no limit to # of people if photographed outdoors -- call to schedule.  
     add add'l poses of family groups ($10 ea.) -- add'l time added
     add outfit or background change ( $12 ea.) -- add'l time added
30 minutes ON-LOCATION -- $125 - 1 outfit, one group, any size, location within 15 mins/10 miles of studio - group and 2 breakdowns
60 minutes ON-LOCATION -- $225 - 1 outfit, large group AND smaller groupings (up to 7), location within 15 mins/10 miles of studio.
We offer several levels of HighRes Digital or Print Packages for families --   Family Pricing

Custom Kids' Session - EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY
$35  tax -- 30 mins, 1 outfit, 4 kids max. (add kids = $5 each)  
HighRes Digital or Print Packages start at $249 -- Custom Kids Collections pdf.